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Dr Amit Tomer

Dr. Amit Tomer a postgraduate from University of Leeds, United Kingdom with an expertise in healthcare quality management. Along with his consultancy services, he is also working as General Manager at Consortium of Accredited Healthcare organisations (CAHO). CAHO is an association of all accredited hospitals and laboratories in India. CAHO is on board of NABH representing the accredited healthcare organisation. This association also put the view of healthcare organisations on various national and international platforms.

Prior to this Dr Tomer was working with a big corporate on human ergonomics projects in United Kingdom. He has also worked in the clinical risk management department of Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS trust hospital, United Kingdom.


Dr Tomar has the privilege of being invited as a speaker in many clinical quality and patient safety conferences and symposiums in United Kingdom and India. He has played the role of organising secretary and conference manager for four National Conference on Healthcare Quality, NABH and NABL were the technical partners for all the conferences.All the conferences were a great success and a great learning experience for all. He is also a renowned trainer for NABH standards and other topics pertaining to quality and customer satisfaction.

He also acted as the team leader for the World Bank project on healthcare quality improvement in government hospitals in Karnataka. Dr Tomar is also part of national team which comprises of prestigious institutes in India like ISRO, NABH, AHPI, critical care society of India and emergency care society which is working upon development of patient safety guidelines by adopting the ISRO guidelines, this is probably for the first time in world where learning from space agency are been adopted for the purpose of healthcare quality improvement. His exposure to various hospitals and staff members " Dr Shweta, Advisor (Administration and process development) Poonam Singh, Advisor (TPA & Insurance Empanelment) Naresh, Advisor (Trainings & ECHS Empanelment) Aakash Bhutani, Advisor (Administration and Documentation) Beena Kamboj, Advisor (Marketing) " located in various geographical locations in world had given him the insight of various challenges faced by healthcare organisations and outcome of various strategies on healthcare quality. Passionate about healthcare quality and patient safety, he is having a strong vision of improving quality of care in Indian healthcare organisations.